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      Trailblazer Series


      In 2017, USA Baseball and Major League Baseball launched a new baseball tournament for girls, held in the greater Los Angeles area, and built around Jackie Robinson Day Weekend. In 2019, approximately 100 girls will, once again, have an unprecedented opportunity to participate in the Trailblazer Series.

      For more information on the Trailblazer Series, follow @MLBDevelops.

      For more information on girls baseball development, email [email protected].

      2019 Trailblazer Series info:

      • When: April 11-13, 2019
      • Where: Major League Baseball's Compton Youth Academy (Compton, Calif.)
      • Will feature competitive play, world class instruction and unique educational opportunities for 96 girls baseball players from around the country, ages 13 and under
      • Trailblazer Series participants' expenses to be covered.
      • Participants will have the opportunity to learn from current and former Women's National Team players and coaching staff, baseball industry executives and other dignitaries from in and around the sport.


      NOTE: Completion of the registration link is an application and does not guarantee participation in the event. Selected players will be contacted confirming their participation in the event and to facilitate next steps. Although the 2017 event included players 14-16 years of age, the 2018 event will not. There will be additional opportunities announced for the older players later this spring.


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