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      Teachers on why they love Breaking Barriers

      "Breaking Barriers was so well planned. All materials were easily accessible, user-friendly and interesting that I plan on using this again in future years as part of our character development explanatory reading and writing unit."

      "The lessons were easy to follow and great for all kids -- even those who didn't like sports."

      "I found this program to be extremely useful in teaching reading and character education. I hope to use it again in years to come!"

      "Thank you for helping my students to see how barriers only prevent growth from taking place."

      Students also love the program!

      88% of students agreed that "learning how Jackie Robinson faced his barriers with values has helped me to learn how to overcome challenges in my life."

      MLB + Breaking Barriers

      "Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life" is a baseball-themed character education program developed by Major League Baseball and Scholastic Inc. Using America's sport, baseball, as the metaphor for life, the curriculum is based on the values demonstrated by barrier breaker Jackie Robinson: citizenship, commitment, courage, determination, excellence, integrity, justice, persistence and teamwork.

      Students from grades 4 through 9, are asked to write about barriers or obstacles they have faced or are still facing in their lives, and how they used the values exemplified by Jackie Robinson to deal with those obstacles. Sharon Robinson, Consultant, Community Affairs and Educational Programming for Major League Baseball, and daughter of Jackie Robinson, developed and consults on the program. Since 1997, Breaking Barriers has reached more than 37 million youth and 5 million educators in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

      Breaking Barriers winner's story will inspire you

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